Турция в ноябре 2012, часть 1

I’m a-writing such a story for the first time in my life, that’s why there could be mistakes and lack of words))). I would really like my friend from other city read it. She likes English, she’s really keen on travelling, she’s gorgeous and I wish to travel with her some day.
So, I’ll try to write a few words about my journey to Turkey in November 2012. Everything began when I worked for Turkish company Arkas Container line, Novorossiysk office as a sales manager. For those who haven’t ever heard of it I could tell that it’s a huge company which operates own vessel, truck and container fleet, which has its offices spread among most of Black and Mediterranean sea countries. Every year Arkas company organizes training programs for new employee — to teach them something new. And, also, Agency meetings are organized 2 times per year — events, where sales managers from different branches meet each other, meet trade department and they discuss all the problems, all main clients and plans for future season.
So, in September/October Jean told me that I would take part in agency meeting. After it I was also told tt I would be taking part in training program with my other 7 colleagues:)
All in all I had to spend about a week in Turkey. Firstly, all of us had to go to Izmir city to participate in training lessons.
Our flight to Turkey was at night time. We were taken to Krasnodar airport by KIA minivan. We registered our tickets and began to wait for the flight, which was very short. In a few hours we were at Istanbul and now we had to wait sometime for connecting plane to Izmir. After a short walk we decided to breathe fresh air and went outside. Here, I made these very first shots on my old Canon with Tamron 17-50 mm 2.8F lens.
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IMG_8655_новый размер
Then, we ate something and walked around Sabiha airport.
IMG_8659_новый размер
A few hours passed since our arrival to Istanbul and we went to our next flight. It was early morning, rain poured recently and the sky was tightened with the clouds.
When a plane rose above the sky picture in the window was magnificent.
IMG_8666_новый размер
IMG_8668_новый размер
I made a few pics and read some book. In about 35 minutes we saw Izmir’s interesting harbour in illuminator.
IMG_8683_новый размер
When you’re closer to the land you could see tt Turkey is really agricultural country by its lands and glasshouses.
IMG_8692_новый размер
In the airport we were met by 2 drivers on Mercedes Sprinter bus which took us directly to the hotel. Name of the hotel was Movenpick — it is a Swiss brand and it was really great.
Not thinking too long we changed our closes and went for a walk, nobody stayed to sleep after night flights. The hotel was situated near the seaside and we went there firstly. After a short walk Natalia decided to phone Serdar — our colleague from Izmir, but I and Elena did not want to wait and went on by ourselves.
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The sky was beautiful that day and I made lots of pictures as usual.
IMG_8732_новый размер
The embankment was clean and long, lot of people were walking, siting and just enjoying their selves. It’s really unusual for us, because we’re always in a rush, life is flowing away too quickly and we don’t recognize it unfortunately. I paid attention to it that day — lot of people were sitting in front of their houses and just looking somewhere, drinking their tea from small Turkish glasses and etc. I asked our colleague from Izmir Onur Otaol about it and that’s how he explained it: «We, Izmirians, are used to enjoy our life» — and I think it’s really great.
Let’s continue. We were starving with Lena, so, we found a cafe not far away from sea with fast food. After it, we bought different nuts and began to look for Tourist Bus Stop, cause we wanted to have an excursion.
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Then we caught the bus we needed, but after 5 minutes drive the driver gave our money back and told us to wait for another bus because he received an order to proceed to the depot. We were not happy to hear it, but went for the further walk and found ferry boat station and bought 2 tickets. I didn’t understand how many times we could have used them, but as was found later — the tickets could be used in city buses also.
Here are a few pics from ferry boat trip — it was an ordinary passenger ferry, not excursion boat. We saw MSC Orchestra cruise vessel a dozen of times that day.
IMG_8743_новый размер
IMG_8745_новый размер
I wish I had polarized filter for my lens, because clouds were playing with the sky all day long.
IMG_8747_новый размер
IMG_8750_новый размер
IMG_8763_новый размер
She was a model some time ago:)
IMG_8767_новый размер
IMG_8772_новый размер
Then we arrived to «the other side» — it’s a side of a sea harbour which is called this way by Izmirians.
IMG_8774_новый размер
There were many pigeons just in front of the ferry station entrance.
IMG_8778_новый размер
And sky was still playing with its colours.
IMG_8790_новый размер
IMG_8795_новый размер
The weather after Novorossiysk was really warm for November. Sometimes it was too hot and I walked only in 1 single t-shirt.
IMG_8796_новый размер
IMG_8800_новый размер
Then we found another ferry boat station which was bigger and boats were huge like in port Kavkaz — for cars and passangers.
IMG_8805_новый размер
Somehow we came into our next ferry without showing the tickets, there was no one at the entrance or maybe we used car entrance.
And we began our second sea journey. You can only imagine how beautiful was the sunset after such a day.
IMG_8822_новый размер
IMG_8829_новый размер
IMG_8832_новый размер
The trip was unsurprisingly long:)Maybe longer then we have in port Kavkaz when we travel from Russia to Crimea.
After mooring we went for a further walk and our adventure was not over yet.
Firstly we found Izmir symphony house (I suppose I’m right).
IMG_8836_новый размер
IMG_8839_новый размер
And shadow of the above shown statue.
IMG_8840_новый размер
We were starving again, because we had a small meal in the morning and it was already evening on the street. But street were really alive!!!
Finally, we found a cafe which we both liked and ordered a huge pizza with seafood and a few glasses of Turkish tea.
IMG_8845_новый размерIMG_8849_новый размер
The meal was really great together with the tea in small Turkish glasses.
A small problem I’d like to tell you about — not so many people as I expected before speak English here)))So, it was difficult to describe what pizza we wanted to the cafe staff)))
We left this place happy and full)and continued to walk.
IMG_8851_новый размер
The thing I liked here that life boils after sunset, fresh fruits and vegetables are sold, people walk, seat in cafes, communicate, telling stories about the day they had and etc.
We have nothing similar unfortunately.
IMG_8852_новый размер
IMG_8859_новый размер
Our legs were finally tired of the whole day walk and we went to find bus stop. On the way to it I came into Bike shop and was surprised how high were prices)
Then we asked police where the closest bus stop was. 20 minutes by bus and we arrived to our hotel, where our colleagues completely lost us.
IMG_8865_новый размер
They also went somewhere to have some meal before going to bed, but I stayed in the room.
A few panorama pics from our 1st day in Izmir are shown here below. In the next story I’ll tell you about our next days of training in this beautiful city.
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